Prepack is the all-in-one pre-treatment system developed by Quality Invents, which deals with filtering, refining and optimizing the tap water flow.

Integrated filters, softener and carbon filter allow to mechanically filter, soften and adsorb all the chloroderivates ensuring the removal of all the pollutants that may be present. The extremely reduced and manageable form factor makes Prepack the most complete and simpler pre-treatment system on the market.

The installation of the Prepack module guarantees an ideal and constant pre-treated water flow to the DIA Deionizers, which can operate in the best conditions ensuring maximum longevity of the consumables.


Components optimization to ensure reduced dimensions and easy installation.


Self-cleaning filters, 3-step particle filter, water softener, quartzite filter and silver carbon filter make PREPACK the most complete solution.


The output water of the PREPACK is controlled, stabilized and optimized by an automatic pump.


Programming displays, bypass valves and self-cleaning components make using PREPACK extremely simple.



How to wash/flushthe Quartzite Sand filter and Activated Carbon filter

It is recommended to wash the filters every 15 days (no more than 30 days in any case). It is also recommended to wash the filter if the dynamic pressure between the main pump (first left pressure gauge on the front panel) and the inlet pressure of the filter cartridges (central pressure gauge) is higher than 0,8 bar.
Follow the steps carefully and operate the washing procedure without workload.
Do not perform washing procedures on both filters at the same time: run the procedure on Quartzite sand filter first, then proceed with the Activated Carbon filter. Each cycle lasts 20 minutes.

1. Turn the knob of the head of the prefilter from “FILTER” to “BACK WASH” (red label) position and let the water flush to the drain for 15 minutes.

2. After 15 minutes turn the knob from “BACK WASH” to “FAST RINSE” (orange label) position and let the water flush to drain again for 5 minutes.

3. Turn the knob from “FAST RINSE” to “FILTER” position (green label) and start to work normally.

How to replace filter cartridges

It is recommended to change the filter cartridges when the pressure difference from upstream (central pressure gauge) and  downstream (right pressure gauge) the filters  is greater than 0,8 bar
To change the filter cartridges, open the right panel of the chassis: the first housing on the left (A) contains the 20-micron filter cartridge. The second housing on the right (B) contains the 5-micron filter cartridge.

1. Set the system in bypass mode by setting the main valves as shown:

2. Near the filters, close the maintenance valve and open the depressurization valve as shown in the pictures:

3. Wait 20 seconds, then close the depressurization valve.

4. Unscrew the locking ring on the right side first. Use the provided plastic wrench, and release the cartridge housing as shown. Proceed then with the second housing.

5. Replace the filter cartridges and pay attention to properly center the guide on the housing head as shown.

6. Insert and screw by hand the locking ring. Then proceed to fasten it with the provided plastic wrench. Do not apply too much torque while fastening the ring.

7. Open the maintenance valve and set-back the main valves in operative mode as shown:

How to add salt in the Softener

Check periodically the level of salt in the brine tank of the water softener.
Refill the salt if needed.




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