Discover products and services that make Quality Invents a market leader

Perfect water, no stop

The automatic by-pass and remote control / monitoring are just some of the features that make the DIA series the state of the art in all kinds of laboratories.

DIA Class line supports CLRW standard.

Best technologies

Quality Invents is always on the hunt for new competitive and reliable technologies: its strategy is oriented towards continuous improvement.

Strong and reliable

A deep knowledge of the market and the technologies, combined with the desire to give life to products and services of the highest quality, created the starting point for what is now Quality Invents: a company created by two enthusiast partners who have always worked at the top of the diagnostic industry.

Top value

The commitment of Quality Invents doesn’t stop at developing cutting-edge products and services: it also translates into a partnership with the customer, built around tits specific needs. A deep-rooted feedback culture allows Quality Invents to constantly innovate its products, keeping the customer’s focus and satisfaction at the very center.


Deionizers on the market


Liters of water treated


The new DIA CLASS reaches an even higher level in terms of optimization of consumables, guarantee of continuity of water supply and compliance with CLRW requirements; it fulfills the requests of the most demanding customers exceeding their expectations.


Prepack is the all-in-one pre-treatment system developed by Quality Invents, which deals with filtering, refining and optimizing the tap water flow.