Quality Invents S.r.l. is a leader company in the production of water treatment machines for analytical processes.


A deep knowledge of the market and the technologies, combined with the desire to give life to products and services of the highest quality, created the starting point for what is now Quality Invents: a company created by two enthusiast partners who have always worked at the top of the diagnostic industry.


The commitment of Quality Invents doesn’t stop at developing cutting-edge products and services: it also translates into a partnership with the customer, built around tits specific needs. A deep-rooted feedback culture allows Quality Invents to constantly innovate its products, keeping the customer’s focus and satisfaction at the very center.


Thanks to its Design Department, Quality Invents is able to craft customized systems for water treatment that fulfill every requirement, and to tailor the service according to the customer’s needs and operating conditions.

Quality Invents S.r.l. is a ISO 9001:2015 certified company

Why Quality Invents


The incredibly deep know-how, achieved thanks to decades of experience in the industry, is a guarantee of safety and quality for our customers.

Solution First

Quality Invents’ philosophy revolves around the quality of the treated water and the solution’s performance in terms of convenience.

Technological Evolution

Quality Invents is always on the hunt for new competitive and reliable technologies: its strategy is oriented towards continuous improvement.

Purchase Support

A team of technicians with multifaceted experience, is eager to counsel clients making the most appropriate choice; their support is crucial also in the customization of the treatment.

Caring for the Environment

Quality Invents cares deeply for the environment: this translates not only in the materials and the technologies adopted, but also in the saving of resources linked to the efficiency of its plants.

Operational Support

Quality Invents not only guarantees an assistance network on the italian territory, but also covers every state where it operates. Such network is make of skilled professionals who guarantee a prompt intervention when needed.

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