Quality Control Policy

The Management Policy, with its objectives and commitments, is a fundamental factor of the company policy of QUALITY INVENTS S.r.L. .


The constant improvement of the quality of products and services and the compliance with laws and regulations regarding the products offered and with regard to health and safety in the workplace, are indispensable conditions for guaranteeing and consolidating efficiency, image and endorsements of the company.



  • implements and establishes a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard,
  • gives to the Quality System Manager (QA) the authority to:
  • ensure, in collaboration and integration with the person in charge of corporate functions, the definition, implementation and update of the Quality Management System,
  • highlight shortcomings and non-conformities,
  • take the appropriate Corrective Actions,
  • reviews the Management System through the annual “Management Reviews” process to ensure their continued suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.


The reviews include:

  • evaluation of opportunities for improvement,
  • modification needs for the Systems, including the Policy and objectives,
  • updating of periodic programs that define the short term commitments to be achieved via the Management System.


The primary objectives of the Quality Management Policy of QUALITY INVENTS S.r.L. are:


  • focus on customer satisfaction;
  • constant improvement in order to reduce inefficiencies and complaints;
  • activities planning and control, by constantly monitoring management efficiency through the use of quality indicators;
  • accuracy during the selection of suppliers and the evaluation of their products;
  • as per the customers:
  • time reduction for order confirmations and offers to be sent,
  • quantified evaluation of customer satisfaction;
  • productivity improvement in the manufacturing process;
  • laws and regulations: compliance with EU and national technical rules;
  • human resources: activities controls, adequate training, guarantees and employment increase.